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Wallpaper is a new type of wall decoration materials, PVC coated wallpaper is used in paper-based, after printing, embossing, and other processing operations from the interior decoration materials, in order to enrich the color, fabric textures strong, rich patterns, environmental protection, Noble and elegant decorative effect superior from the other wall decoration materials.

Wallpaper classification and presentation Wallpaper according to their different substrate is divided into: paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, wallpaper foam, non-woven paper, fabric wallpaper,and a special platinum wallpaper.

The detail information as followings:

1.Paper wallpaper: Substrate for the paper, printing from post-embossed,various color, enrich pattern, competitive price,no easy dirty, washable,
2.Flocking wallpaper: Coated with villas ,pliability,elegant.honorable.
3.Foam wallpaper: Paper for the base material, coated with PVC,printing and design after the suppression foam from
4.Non-woven paper wallpaper: To non-woven material for paper, printing patterns on patterns from,the size is in good satbility,good stickness, stripping. Then save the cost of decoration.
5.Fabric wallpaper: Substrate for the paper, covered with fabric or other natural fiber material from
6. Yarn wallcloth: Various yarn and lines to be colorful and pattern, good quality, breathablity, environment-green . And hard constrictions.
7.Gold, Platinum and wallpaper: Paper for the base material, PVC coated printing and hot stamping platinum compound from Flower,and main color is gold and silver, honorable,and gorgeous
8.Special wallpaper: Paper / cloth as a base material, coated with
special materials, made of special processing, and special features
9. Natural material wallpaper: Natural material, as grass, wood,rattan,bamboo,leaf textile materials from, and it is nature,comfutable,environment.and also strict constrction Wallpaper of the day-to-day use and maintenance Wallpaper is different from other indoor decoration materials, an advantage: wallpaper of the day-to-day use and maintenance is very easy to wash and wipe, no other special requirements. It should be noted that maintenance is to keep the indoor environment dry.

Wallpaper's Guide to purchase and the use of materials budget Wallpaper can be personalized to provide new product design, the choice of wallpaper may be completely dependent on the consumer's personal preferences.