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Traditional Interior  Decorators offer a qualitative range of vinyl flooring that are more than just interior decoration. These vinyl flooring find usage in various industries, factories, warehouses, storage areas and also for domestic purposes. We procure these vinyl flooring from the reputed vendors in the market, who are known for their qualitative products and have huge credibility in the market .

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The professionals interact with the clients to understand their needs and offer solutions in line with the same. We offer our services at affordable rates.  Our clients can avail the service in customized specifications as per their requirements at the most reasonable prices in the industry.



we explain the variety of vinyl flooring materials on the market today and the techniques used to install them. There are now more patterns, colors, styles, and installation choices than ever before, and vinyl floors are an easy, affordable way to customize your floors. Illustrate floor preparation, template use, cutting, and installing full-spread adhesive floors. 
Full-spread adhesive is fast becoming the least popular type of vinyl flooring. It cannot be removed as easily as other flooring's  should you decide to install another floor at a later date. Check around to see if your chosen pattern is available in a perimeter bond application, before you opt for the full-spread. If your pattern is available only in a full spread application, try to limit its installation to small rooms. It is much too cumbersome to try to align on larger floors already spread with adhesive.


Provide adequate ventilation with window fans when using adhesives, as some are toxic. Extinguish pilot lights and any open flames when applying adhesives which can be flammable. The proper respirator should be worn when using substances with toxic fumes.Wear rubber gloves when working with solvents. Keep blades sharp. A dull blade requires excessive force, can slip,and cause accidents. Vinyl flooring is once of the cheapest flooring options available and is available in two basic formats: sheet and tile.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Commonly called sheet vinyl, vinyl sheet flooring constitutes 85-90% of the vinyl flooring market. Sheet vinyl comes in a variety of roll widths from 6ft to 12ft. Because of its size, sheet vinyl allows the installer to cover large areas quickly and results in fewer seams that could allow moisture to reach the sub-floor. If installed in a small room, you are often able to install the product without any seams at all, making sheet vinyl for use in bathrooms moisture could otherwise damage the sub-floor. Where you are unable to avoid a seam, they can be sealed using a heat welder or chemical bonding.

Vinyl Tile, Plank and Strip Flooring

Vinyl tile, pland and strip flooring are installed as a sequence of individual tiles. All of these forms of vinyl flooring have produced with squared edges allowing the installer to butt each individual piece up against the other. Although it takes longer to install these products it can be more convenient for homeowners to work with because it can be done in a step by step process. Any mistakes are not quite as obvious. In addition, many of the products available come with grout lines and other geometric patterns that help to alleviate the appearance of seams. Tile vinyl is also much easier to transport because they are easily packed into boxes as separate pieces, unlike sheet vinyl which comes in a roll.

Common Vinyl Flooring Installations

Vinyl flooring is most commonly laid over a wood sub-floor topped with a plywood underlay. The underlay is used because it is smoother than the sub-floor and makes for an easier installation. In the case of sheet flooring, mastic (an adhesive) is spread evenly over the underlay with a notched towel. The vinyl sheet is then placed onto the adhesive and rolled flat with a heavy floor roller. Many manufacturers are now making self-adhesive peel-and-stick vinyl sheets and tiles that require no additional adhesive. If you want to know about resilient/vinyl flooring, welcome.