Curtain Rods (Wood & Steel) Works

Curtain Rods (Wood & Steel) Works.

Curtain Rods, Drapery Rods, Brackets, Rings, Finials, & Decorative Works Accessories

Curtain Rods and Decorative Drapery Hardware Works

Traditional Interior offers decorative and conventional curtain rods, drapery rods, wire or cable rod sets, rings, steel and wood finials, scarfholders or swagholders, sconces, steel rods, swing arm rods, wrought iron finials, tiebacks, holdbacks, wooden poles, adjustable decorative traverse rods, Kirsch Ripplefold, and many more accessories Works.

  We offer all major name brands of Kirsch, Graber, Curtains Up, Infinette, and those hard to find and unique 'one of a kind' curtain hardware systems that will complement your own drapery treatments and decor.  We also offer extra wide curtain rods for those hard to fit wide windows and doors, and don't forget, corner window treatments and bay windows can be easily accomplished with corner swivels or flexible rods for that custom look of your drapery treatment.

If you're using a metal rod for wide windows, go for a 1-inch or larger diameter and make sure it has numerous brackets to support it, because metal rods are hollow inside and can bow in the middle.

Note: Unlike wood rods, metal rods are sold in adjustable lengths.

 Our most popular curtain hardware:

"Ornametal" Decor:  Forged wrought iron finials and steel drapery rods.   All of "Ornametal" Decor is a new line of high-quality very reasonably-priced decorative wrought iron curtain hardware.  It's our A-la-carte line, because, all the components are sold separately and individually.  Bold and unique new finishes.   If you want to purchase just one finial, or one tieback and nothing else, you can.  Rings, brackets, and holdbacks made in the 'Old World Tradition'.  Special ordered.

Curtains Up : Wrought iron finials and steel rods.Wrought iron finials are the theme for Curtains Up.  The simple motifs of these finial sets and tie-backs complement all manner of drapery fabrics.  The steel  finials are hand wrought of tapering steel with hand applied plated finishes, creating a high quality look and feel.  Plus, hard to find double curtain rod brackets are available in all finishes.

Bravo Collection:  Cast resin finials and steel poles.  Resin finials and steel rods are made for larger scale designs, ideal for rooms with high ceilings, and grand window treatments.  These beautifully detailed finials add more design options and make it easier to find that right size, shape, and look for your window.  Special ordered.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware Works: Kirsch now brings you finial ends and poles by Wood Trends.  Kirsch custom wooden traverse rods makes it easy to create window treatments that fit your lifestyle...  finial ends and poles you can mix and match...finely grained wood with deftly crafted metal... or mix two wood finishes... or choose matching materials and finishes.  The choices are many...its up to you... Kirsch makes it easy to choose and to coordinate your look.  Kirsch... your interior design.  Beautiful decorative wooden curtain rods, for a style that is uniquely your own. 

Brass Drapery Rods and Accessories Works:  Custom cut brass curtain rods ,brackets, finials, and rings.   Add that special look or touch to any window treatment by using a wood pole with brass brackets, brass finials and brass  rings...Empire Collection, Antiquities Collection...  Special ordered.

Nickel, Onyx, & Brass Window Treatment Hardware and Accessories Works:   Custom build your rod set with brass, nickel, and onyx finishes. No other company allows such versatility and control over the assembly of your custom window hardware.   Simpliciti Collection, Kosmo, Reflexion, Masonic, Urban Collection...  Special ordered.

Brass Tiebacks and Holdbacks:  The perfect accent for your draperies.  Available in Brass or Antique Brass.  Swivel and post tiebacks or holdbacks.  Special ordered.

Infinette Collection:  Problem windows, no problem!  This window curtain hardware collection has answers to those problem windows like bay windows, arch windows, corner windows, double curtain rod installations, extra wide windows, angled top windows, and many more.  Beautiful finishes and a one of a kind bracket system.  Special ordered.

Empress Collection:  Fine wooden curtain rods, unique wood inlay and beautiful "Old World" finishes.  The Empress Collection has it all.  1 3/8", 2 1/4", and 3" wood and resin components.  Special ordered.

Graber Drapery Traverse Rod Collection:  Decorative adjustable traverse rod sets are available in 1 1/2" dia. in 4 beautiful finishes - bright brass, black, brushed nickel, and antique brushed brass.  Made to complement just about any decor.  Stocked